Why Use Bluetooth Coupons

printed couponsThe Old Way
Years ago, marketing a local business mostly involved the use of printed advertising methods, such as newspapers, Yellow pages, flyers, and direct mail. Mixed in with those strategies included TV ads and radio ads, which were more expensive – yet even less targeted than the others.
However, due to the invention of the internet things have changed tremendously when it comes to the most effective ways to generate more local customers.   The worldwide web has allowed just about everyone to create free email accounts, which in a sense, doomed the post office and the concept of a paper communications all together. Early online advertisers saw this as an easy way to market their products on a massive scale and began to send unfiltered spam mail to any account opened to receiving anonymous messages. Spam mail failed because it never bothered to distinguish between those who were “interested” and those who were thinking “this product is totally useless to me.”  
The birth of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have generated some smart and tech savvy marketing campaigns that use unique algorithms for targeting consumers who are most likely to purchase a product or service. While this is a good thing, it’s only the beginning. Simply creating a shiny new Facebook page or a sleek, professionally designed website only puts you on equal ground with most of your competitors.
The advance of the smart phone has changed all that! Mobile coupons are an effective way to send interested parties the latest discounts from your brand by setting mobile alerts so they are notified immediately. As a marketing tool, you can allow your customers to sign-up to your mobile list using text message marketing. This involves the use of a shortcode and a keyword. They can also sign-up by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code generated by your company.
Mobile Coupons
Consumers today actually WANT to receive special offers on their mobile devices. Imagine your customers not having to search for your business because you’ve already sent a hot coupon offer straight to their phones. Advertising campaigns using text messages are almost always read within minutes when they arrive on a smartphone. You can’t get that much coverage when television commercials can be skipped and radio stations can be changed during commercials.
Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons are:
  • A fast and cost-effective way to send discount codes, special offers, services, and more to customers who signed up for your SMS service.
  • A specifically targeted marketing campaign tool used to reach the people most likely to buy your product.
  • An incredibly fast way to generate more revenue for your business while costing a whole lot less than grabbing a spot on giant billboards, running TV commercials or radio ads, and other costly methods.
  • Another convenient way to connect with your core audience and reward them for supporting your business.
How do SMS Mobile Coupons Work?
  1. Select your shortcode and unique keyword.
  2. Alternatively, develop a QR code.
  3. Get your customers and potential customers to opt in to your mobile list.
  4. Create your response to those who sign up. You can even start sending out coupons.
  5. Aggressively market your new mobile campaign.
  6. Start sending out your mobile coupons and make them easily redeemable.
Why do all that? With Bluetooth technology you can broadcast non-stop messages to endless mobile phones…
  • Without the need for an app
  • Without paying for advertising or any payment for traffic
  • Perfect for generating leads and traffic for local business
  • Perfect for generating leads, traffic and buyer Facebook/Google audience for eCom businesses
  • Easy to use (Zero tech skills needed)